Matt White Author of Stop Selling & Start Helping

Matt White discusses why he wrote his book, Stop Selling, Start Helping. He explains that he wanted to provide helpful content to readers and that writing a book is a great way to establish credibility and authority. Matt discusses how he self-published his book on Amazon for less than $6 per book. He explains that Amazon manages the fulfillment and printing of the books and that he makes a small profit each time one is sold. He notes that he wrote the book primarily as a marketing tool for his business, rather than to become a wealthy author.
The conversation discusses the idea that in order to sell something, one must first pull the customer in with a strategy, as opposed to pushing the product onto them. He argues that this is due to the change in the way people buy and consume information. He gives the example of a string, and how one cannot push a string but can pull it. He then gives the example of buying a car, and how in the past, salespeople would push certain cars onto customers based on their own motivation, without really knowing what the customer wanted. Now, with the internet, customers can do their own research and know exactly what they want before they even step into a store. Therefore, the salesperson’s job is to simply guide the customer to the product they want, rather than trying to sell them something they may not need.
Matt White discusses how the sales process has changed over time, with customers now doing more research themselves before making a purchase. They talk about how this means businesses need to focus on being found and being seen as an expert or authority figure earlier on in the process, in order to pull customers in. They mention Marcus Sheridan’s book They Ask, You Answer as a great resource on this topic, and finish by talking about the analogy of the Monkeys Paw – meaning that businesses should start by helping customers with little things, in order to build trust and eventually pull them in for bigger things.

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